Nagema ЕВ-1 Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Product Description

Nagema ЕВ-1 Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine:

·       Designed to Wrap Chocolate Bars in Two Working Cycles.
·       The First Cycle Wraps the Bar with Aluminium coming from Reel. 
·       The Second Cycle for Outer Wrap from the Label Stack. 
·       Output Approximately 85/min. 
·       Size Range: Length 120-160 mm, Width 65-78 mm, Height 6-11 mm.
·       Bar Weight: 50-100 GRS.
·       Required Space Approximately: 2000 X 2000 mm. 
·       Weight Approximately: 1200 KGS

Reference Number: GM04

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