GIMA Type FT0513 Multipack Overwrapper

Product Description

GIMA Type FT0513 High Speed Multipack Overwrapper Year 2006:

·      S/N 5134360. 
·      According to manufacturer it has an output up to 330 pieces/min.
·      Currently set up to end fold wrap 3 packs of Trident sleeved blisters of dimensions 85mm x 70mm x 30 mm high.
·      Overwrapping machine has a continuous carton feeding system which prevents products from pushing against each other, both at the start and at the end of the line.
·      Advanced technical solutions such as the tear tape unit for easy open.
·      Double reel holder.
·      Automatic film splicing.
·      It ensures top quality appearance of packages.

Film type: 
·      All heat sealable films, such as pp, pvc, cellophane.
·      Maximum reel diameter: 300 mm. 
·      Minimum reel core diameter: 76.2 mm.
·      Maximum web width: 150 mm. 
·      Total weight: 2100 Kgs.

Reference Number: GM83

Product Properties