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Bag Sealers / Closers
Blister Packing Machines Tablets / candies / chiclets tablets gum
Bottling Equipments & Lines
Box Cartoners
Bucket Elevators / Conveyors / Vibrators / Feeders
Can Seamers
Candy / Toffee / Gum Cut & Stick Wrap Machines
Candy / Toffee / Gum Cut & Wrap Machines
Candy / toffee / Gum Stick Wrappers
Candy / toffee / Gum Wrappers
Case Tapers / Sealers
Chocolate Wrappers
Coders / Printers / inkjet / Labellers
Flowpacks / Flow Wrappers / mini wrappers
Lollipop Wrappers
Metal Detectors
Overwrappers / Shrink Wrappers & Tunnels
Packaging Machines / Baggers Form, Fill & Seal
Palletizers Wrapping
Scales / Multihead Weighers / linear weighers
Stickers & Coupon inserters
Tablet Counters
Thermoforming Machines
Tube Fillers
Tube Formers
Turn Tables / Accumulating Tables

Aerators Oakes / Mondomix / Ter Braak
Bakery / Pastry / Bread Processing Equipments & Lines
Bar Forming Equipments & Lines Conbar / Extruders / Rotary Moulding
Biscuit Processing Equipments & Lines Hard or Soft
Candy / Sweet / Toffee Processing Equipments & Lines
Chewing Gum / Bubble Gum Processing Equipments & Lines
Chocolate / Candy ermicel Lines
Chocolate lentille / Chocolate Drop / Chocolate Chip Equipments & Lines
Chocolate Moulding Equipment & Lines
Chocolate Preparation Equipments
Coating Pans / Drums
Compressors / Dryers
Cooling Tables
Enrobing Lines / Enrobers / Bottomers / Cooling tunnels
Fat Make Up Systems / Votators
Fondant Processing Machines
Heat Exchangers / Homogonizers / Boilers / Coolers
Hollow Wafer lines Tubes / Cigars / Crepes Dentelle
Lollipop Processing Equipments & Lines
Marshmallow / Mogul Starch equipments & lines
Marshmallow Drums
Meat Processing Machines
Mills / Grinders / Granulators
Mixers / Blenders
Nut Processing Equipments & Lines
Oil Filtration
Pellet Frying Equipments & Lines
Pellet Processing Equipments & Lines
Potato Crisps / Chips Processing Equipments & Lines
Roasters Coffee / Beans / Nuts
Salty / Sweety Snacks Processing Equipments & Lines Baked / Fried
Slicers / Dicers / Cutters / Choppers
Sprinklers / Sifters / Russel Sieves / Separators
Tablet Press Equipments
Tanks / Kettles / Vessels / Silos
Tortilla Processing Equipments & Lines
Wafer Processing Equipments & Lines


United Group is a family owned and run business. Our aim is to work with all sizes of companies by providing good quality machinery at affordable prices with short delivery time helping companies to develop new projects with minimum investment.Our business is spreading tremendously all over the world with good reputation.

We specialize in buying and selling all types of used packaging, wrapping and processing machinery for the Food, Salty snacks, Chocolate, Bakery & Biscuit,Confectionery, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Bottle Filling industries.

United Group maximizes your profits by helping you locating your used equipment requirements and disposition of your assets.

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